Property Profile System

Property Management Software for Land Banks by a Land Bank

PPS is a robust cloud based property management solution that aids as a central location for all information related to properties that are either to be acquired, in inventory or disposed by a land bank.

PPS allows for end-to-end property, neighborhood and regional analysis of land bank data by streamlining repetitive tasks and eliminating duplication.

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PPS Features

PPS is available anywhere
  • Web-based forms for data entry and tracking.
  • PDF document generation (proceed orders, inspection reports, deeds, contracts, etc).
  • Ability to upload and manage photos and documents.
  • Separate logins and modules for contractors, inspectors, board memebers, etc.
  • Standard and custom reports.
  • Integration of local data, local geographies and geographic target areas.
  • Data visualization using maps and charts.
  • Contractor management - contractor type(s), contact information, active or inactive, license and insurance credentials.
  • Email reminders, notifications and alerts based on status changes or ticklers schedules.
  • Property purchase application information submitted online.
  • Contractors can track their own activity to generate invoicesto submit to land bank for payment.
  • Connections ot public facing website for property listings, inquiries, submissions and organizational accountability.
  • Data import and export utility.
  • APIs that allows PPS to integrate with other API enabled data systems or websites, including financial systems(*).
  • (*) Depends on external configuration.

Why use PPS

  • Access real-time property information from anywhere using a mobile device or desktop.
  • Data are critical to efficient and smart land banking operations, success and credibility - which fosters accountability.
  • The more efficient all land banks are, the better off the land banking movement will be!

How does PPS Work

  • A series of building blocks that can be customized to make every land bank's version unique regardless of size. NOT AN OFF-THE-SHELF PRODUCT!
  • Administrative features allow for the creation of custom reports, fields, alerts, menus and business logic.
  • Uses an industry-renowned technology stack for high availability and scalability.

Uses of PPS

  • Property inspection reports for demolition and renovation.
  • Property maintenance/field service.
  • Document creation (deeds, contracts, proceed orders, invoices, specifications, etc).
  • Grant management and compliance.
  • Assign work directly to contractors and track progress.
  • Easily post properties to your website for purposes of transparency and marketing.
  • Review inventory and track production.
  • Schedule property showings with potential buyers.
PPS Uses

Our Company

Cuyahoga Land Bank Logo

The Property Profile System has been developed in-house by the Cuyahoga Land Bank.

With over 9 years of experience in the area of land banking, the Cuyahoga Land Bank has transacted over 10,000, demolished over 7,000, facilitated the renovation of over 1,700 and disposed of over 6,500 properties to date - making us a national leader. The Cuyahoga Land Bank has also processed and managed over $100 million in Federal and State Grants and has generated millions of dollars from the sale of properties to responsible owners. These unprecedented levels of production/grants mananagement are a result of a robust and flexible data system - Property Profile System.

PPS is a robust, cloud based, property management system that can be adapted to fit the needs of any land bank and organizations that have a property portfolio.

Please contact us for further discussions or questions. We love to talk about PPS and the work we do.

contact: Michael Schramm, Director of Information Technology and Research


call: 216-698-8777